Fermenty Friends Box Vol.2

THE FERMENTY FRIENDS BOX Vol. 2! Consists of 2x 250g fermenty and interesting coffees that wont be around for long! These are truly unique in flavour! Coffees from this box will be roasted every tuesday and available for next day dispatch, if youd like to wait for a fresh batch on the next tuesday instead of the already roasted, feel free to write a note saying so.


the coffees inside


Colombia 'Passionfruit' 

Passionfruits are then placed inside fermentation barrells with the coffee during its processing stage for 150 hours, where it ferments anaerobically. The producers found that this length of time was enough to inhibit the coffee with a passionfruit flavour without making it too obvious and invasive. 


Ethiopia 'Injori' Supernatural

The supernatural process is a new processing method developed from years of experimentation. Once picked, the cherries are then stacked into large piles to increase their  temperature, which helps intesnify sweetness and fruit qualities. During this time the cherries are also turned over every few hours to ensure just the right amount of fermentation occurs within the fruit. 3-5 days later, the piles are thinned out to reduce moisture content during the day, before being stacked again and covered in plastic sheets (like a cocoon) to maintain warmer temperatures during the evening. This continues for 6-12 days before reverting to a traditional natural style of drying.

Fermenty Friends Box Vol.2